Create a Classic Cajun Meal Just Like Mama Used to Make

Add our all-purpose Cajun seasoning to your meats and veggies

Whether you're trying a new recipe or you want to add some flavor to your favorite meal, Bayou Spice can help you create the ultimate Cajun dish. Our all-purpose Cajun seasonings are low on salt and have the strongest, most robust flavors and aromas. You can pour them on all kinds of meats and vegetables without ruining the flavor.

Our seasonings include The Whole Bayou (Tout Le Bayou) and Bayou Garlic Pepper (Bayou L'ail Piment). You'll love that they come in 8-ounce shaker cans, so you can fit them easily in your seasoning cabinet.

Visit Superette or Lyons Market today to browse our seasonings for sale.

Discover what pairs perfectly with our Cajun seasoning

The Cajun seasonings from Bayou Spice pair well with all kinds of food. We recommend using our seasoning on...

Chicken | Fish | Shellfish | Red meat | Potatoes | Veggies | Pork | Eggs

Cooking is all about creating unique and harmonious combinations of flavor. We hope that our seasoning can help you serve the perfect meal for your family to enjoy.

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